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Psychic Medium

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A deposit is required when you schedule your appointment.  Full payment is required on the day of the reading. 

Available Services

Maritza is available for private readings at Pathways to Health located in Miller Place, New York.  If you prefer a remote reading, they can be performed on a cell phone with voice only or Facetime as well a zoom meeting.


Maritza was born with the gift of psychic and medium abilities. Visions of past, present and future have been coming to her since she was a child. She was born in the Dominican Republic where she and her family have been receiving messages from spirit guides for generations.  

Throughout her life she has continued to expand her knowledge on alternate healing modalities, chakra system and other forms of energy work.  She has helped many people with personal problems, health issues, and her services as a medium have provided closure and comfort to many who have lost loved ones and seek to communicate with their spirit.